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How do I pay a parking ticket from on-street?

On-Street Parking Tickets issued by Police Officers or Parking Enforcement Staff:

If you have internet access, you can go to Kelley & Ryan Web site ->: and pay online.

City of Springfield web site-Home page and under “pay city tax, fees & tickets online”.

In Person:

Springfield City Hall
City Collectors office,
36 Court St. room 112.

You can mail in the payment to:

Springfield City Hall
36 Court St. - Room 112;
Springfield,  MA 01103

How do I pay a parking ticket from the Parking Garage? In person? please go to:

Executive Parking,

150-B Bridge St,
Springfield, MA 01103.


If you have internet access, you can go to Kelley &Ryan Web site ->: and pay online.

How do I appeal a parking ticket?

You can go to City web site and go under “download forms & applications”, then go under parking information and you will see SPA Request for Citation Dismissal Form , You can fill the form.

You can go to and find the City Appeal form. And click on the online form and fill it out an submit the form electronically

Or come into the office at Executive Parking 150-B Bridge St, Springfield, MA -phone 413-731-0006.

  • What’s the City Collectors phone number?
    • 413-736-3111
  • What’s the City Clerks phone number?
    • 413-787-6069
  • I got a ticket that begins with the letter “V” can I pay it here?
    • Sorry No that is a City Ordinance and can be paid at City Clerks, room 123 at City Hall.
  • I have a boot what do I owe in Excise taxes?
    • Please call City Collectors 413-736-3111
  • Do you have secure overnight Parking lot?
    • Yes, please call Executive Parking at 413-731-0006.
  • I’m going on a trip and parking my car at Union Station how much is for a Week?
    • $20.00 for one day, $40.00 for 2 days, and $50.00 for a week (3 to 7 DAYS).
  • Event Parking – what does it mean Prepay?
    • When you enter the garage you will pay the event price, there will be a booth attendant there for help.
  • I’m having a problem with my key card it stop working what do I do?
    • Please call Executive Parking 413-731-0006 for help, or if you have time stop by there office at 150-B Bridge St, Springfield, MA.
  • I have a Handicap Plaque can I park at any meter for Free?
    • Yes you can, as long as you place your plaque on the review mirror with the date of Expiration facing out so the On-street officers can see the Date.


What is LAC notification?

LEAVE AFTER CLOSING- Your vehicle was parked in this facility at closing. This is not a violation but is still legally subject to a $20.00 parking fee. The envelope is left on your car for payment when there is not an attendant present. Please follow directions on the back of the envelope (listed below). Please mail payment (make check payable to: SPA) via this self-addressed envelope. Including the folowing information: Date, Vehicle Registration number, Location and Keycard Number. Payment is due within five (5) business days. Failure to comply with this request will subject you to a $50.00 parking ticket as your vehicle and registration information have been recorded. Monthly card holders write keycard number on envelope and drop in yellow box located at booth. Parkers with validated parking must insert proof of validation along with spitter ticket and any extra payment (if required) in this self-addressed envelope. DO NOT DROP CASH IN YELLOW BOX

Rules Governing Use of Parking Facilities

The following rules, regulations and fines with respect to the use of all parking facilities owned or operated by the Springfield Parking Authority (hereinafter the “Authority”), are hereby adopted to be effective on the date above. In addition to the fines stated in the following rules, any vehicle which is found to be in violation of any rules may be towed and stored at the owner’s expense. Neither the garage operator, nor the Springfield Parking Authority, nor any entity participating in any removal shall have any liability to any person for any loss or damage on account of such removal. All costs accrued in such removal accrue to the owner.

At the election of the Authority, the fines stated below shall be imposed on the registered owner of the vehicle found to be in violation of the rule or on the person committing the violation. The word “parking” in these rules shall refer to vehicles whether they are occupied or unoccupied and whether or not their motors are running.

Off Street Violations

Off Street Violations

$25 Fine

  • 01: Taking Two Spaces
  • 02: Obstructing Driveway
  • 03: Meter signal Display
  • 04: Monthly parking prohibited
  • 05: Transient parking prohibited
  • 06: Facility Closed
  • 07: Overtime in loading zone
  • 08: Failure to report an accident
  • 13: Prohibited zone
  • 15: Blocking other vehicle
  • 16: Blocking pedestrian way
  • 21: Pay and Display: time expired
  • 24: Driving against posted directions
  • 27: Non Authorized Monthly Parking
  • 28: Overtime and Metered Parking

$50 Fine

  • 10: Speeding
  • 12: Littering
  • 14: Reserve parking violation
  • 17: Conducting commercial activities
  • 18: Removal of vehicle without paying
  • 23: Unauthorized parking
  • 25: non-registered vehicle
  • 26: unsafe conditions, vehicle storage repairing vehicle

$150 Fine

  • 19: Handicapped parking violation
  • 20: Defacing or removing property