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I-91 South Garage

I-91 South Garage

1620 East Columbus Ave
Springfield MA

Clearance: Maximum height 6’10”
Hourly Rate: $1.50 for first half (1/2) hour, then $2.00 for each additional hour. Maximum daily rate is $20.00
Un-Reserved Rate: $100.00
Reserved Rate: $150.00
Event Rate: Please enquire with our office
Number of Spaces: 670
Hours of Operations: 24/7.
Daily Maximum Rate: All covered garages is $20.00.

670 parking spaces ~ Servicing Symphony Hall, District Court House, Monarch Place & Sheraton Hotel, City Hall, Financial District, and other local business communities. Approximately 375 spaces are designated to Monthly Parkers, including reserved spaces on the 1st & 2nd levels. Monthly parking rates range from $100.00 and up. Transient rates are, $1.50 for the first 30 minutes, then $2.00 for each additional hour. Events rates range from $10.00 and up. Executive Parking, Inc., has been operating this facility under its contract since 2012.

Access / Exit Gates:

Six (6) gates; two (2) on Hampden Street, two on East Columbus Avenue, and two others on West Columbus Avenue (upper level)


Booths are automated, however, staff is available on foot at the entrance gate on East Columbus Avenue, as well as via intercom or in person, as needed. Maintenance on Duty from 5:00 AM to 1:30 PM on weekdays. Management and floating staff available as needed. Security guards on duty from 4:00 PM to 8:00 AM (the next day)

Snow & Ice Removal:

Executive Parking, Inc., is responsible for snow and ice removal of up to one inch (1”), and for salt and sand treatment as needed. Private snow & ice removal company is called for snow accumulation exceeding one inch (1”).