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To provide information to the Springfield Parking Authority, relative to approaches for initiating renovations and revising the use and management of its publically owned live entertainment venue located at City Stage Theater in downtown Springfield.

The Springfield Parking Authority (“SPA”) is in the process of gathering information and researching approaches:

  1. for renovation and revising the use, operation, and management of the publically owned live entertainment venue located in downtown Springfield known as City Stage;
  2. for evaluating the financial, social, and other costs and benefits of its use, as well as the continued use in the future of this live entertainment venue; and
  3. for adopting best practice strategies for renovating and revising the use and management of this publically owned live entertainment venue.

The SPA seeks to gather information from qualified architectural, engineering, financial, and planning firms, as well as firms experienced in the operations, management and booking of live entertainment venues, performing arts centers, civic centers, private events, cultural centers, universities, think tanks, governmental entities, researchers, and any other interested entities/parties to help inform the SPA’s approach for developing the best practice strategies to finance, renovate, reuse, operate, and manage the publically owned live entertainment venue.

This RFI is being used to gather market research for the SPA to make decisions regarding development of strategies for the SPA on how the publically owned live entertainment venue can be renovated, reused, operated, and managed to successfully integrate with the ongoing redevelopment of the downtown Metro area. This information gathering is referenced as the “Project” in this RFI. The Project is aimed at utilizing the City of Springfield’s and the SPA’s assets to further downtown development that serves to support Springfield’s reputation as a destination point and livable community for people across the region, providing a lively atmosphere full of attractions that promote public enjoyment of the downtown area and economic opportunity.

All responses should be submitted in the manner set forth in the RFI, which may be obtained by contacting Ehsanul Bhuiya, Springfield Parking Authority, 150 Bridge Street, Springfield, MA 01103 at on or after 9:00AM (EST) on October 5, 2018 (Release Date). The SPA shall accept responses up to the date, time, and at the location, specified in the RFI.

Response due date: Wednesday, October 31st, 2018, before 12:00PM (EST)

Please click here to obtain a copy of this RFI.